Alma en Venta

Alma en venta
(Soul on Sale)

January 24 - February 11, 2018

by Philip Boehm

Painter Arcadio Rogers Rodríguez has made quite a name for himself crafting images. But what does it take to really bring a canvas to life? A visit from your dead mother? A Faustian deal with a devilish muse? Alma en venta (Soul on Sale) is a lyrical, magical-realist examination of the cost one Latino artist has to pay to save a soul.



Philip Boehm

Luis Galindo
Josh Morrison
Briana Resa

Sound Designer
Anthony Barilla

Properties Designer
Jodi Bobrovsky

Lighting Designer
Steve Carmichael

Scenic Designer
Michael Heil

Costume Designer
Claremarie Verheyen