Stages 2022–23 Season


The time has come to announce our 2022–23 Season. And We. Are. Excited! This will mark our first season announcement together and our first time crafting a vision for the next year together. What a gift it has been. The merging together of Kenn’s artistic voice and Katie’s community focus has yielded a season we, along with the Season Selection Committee, are so proud to present to you.

At a time when many of our peers are taking measured approaches to programming, we’re jumping in with both feet. We are going big next season and trusting that this community will be ready to receive this season with the love and support Stages has come to value. So from Season 22–23, you’ll find classic archetypes, sweeping narrative, lots of poetry, and a strong storytelling backbone that brings you into worlds that are true designers’ playgrounds.

You’ll find work that challenges you, that delights you, that brings you absolute joy, and that troubles your heart. We’re staying true to Stages core by combining the intimacy you know with the highest level of artistic caliber. We’re so pleased to offer this community the first chance to see five world premieres sprinkled among a cherry-picked selection of regional premieres and even a show Kenn has waited twenty years to bring to Stages (Thunder Knocking on the Door ).

Our Season Selection Committee, made up of a vast array of Stages team members, read countless plays over years to cultivate this season and we know you’ll be pleased. As subscribers, we rely on you. You are the heart of the art. You give us the opportunity to take risks, dream big, and make worlds alive from pages. Thank you for your enduring trust.

This year, we challenge you to see every show—even those you are unsure of or unfamiliar with. Join us as we showcase just what our new home, The Gordy, can do for storytelling. Every show has something to offer—something that will let you lean deeper into a question, a moment, or a feeling. Let yourself be embraced by the expansiveness of what we’ve curated for you. Join us on the journey that is Season 22–23.

With joy,

Katie & Kenn