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A Note From the Director/Choreographer of Little Shop of Horrors

Mark Ivy, Kiaya Scott, Tamarah Nicole Tucker, Raven Justine Troup and Anna Maria Morris in Little Shop of Horrors. Photo by Os Galindo.

Welcome to Skid Row, where the sun don't shine, where the folks are broke and where depression is just status quo!

Little Shop of Horrors is universally beloved—it had a hugely successful original run Off-Broadway at the Orpheum Theatre, a hit movie starring Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene (the original Audrey) and Steve Martin, and it's produced constantly worldwide, from high schools to major New York productions. But why? I've heard that question a lot lately: "Why Little Shop? Why now?"

My answer? I can't think of a more appropriate or urgent time to re-introduce Howard Ashman’s and Alan Menken's morality tale Little Shop of Horrors into our lives.

The musical you've known and loved for years is still here—it's just as hilarious, tuneful and moving as ever. But, as with any classic, it's worth a re-examination. Reading it again years after originally seeing it, I was struck by how truly twisted this musical is. At certain moments it's almost as if you're in an episode of The Twilight Zone. It's hilarious, scary, surreal, troubling, and a whole lot of fun.

A satire of B-Movies, science fiction and musical comedy, it's also a sharp and witty modern take on the Faust legend, begging the question "How far will you go to succeed?" The denizens of Skid Row, from Urchin to Wino to Seymour and Audrey, have an urgent need to escape the harsh realities of their current location. Each of the characters re-draws the line, morally, in order to get ahead in life. How far is too far? When does it become "I" instead of "we"? How can you love thy neighbor if you're hacking them to bits and feeding them to a man-eating plant from outer space? Little Shop intelligently explores these eternal questions of the human condition.

I've had an incredible time tackling these questions with this group of actors, designers, technicians and musicians. It is my hope that you have an incredible time tonight too, but also get in touch with your inner Seymour and make sure you're on the right path. Audrey II may promise you the world, but at what cost? And, does it matter if she's just going to eat the world whole anyway?

Hold your hats and hang on to your souls, here comes Little Shop of Horrors!

—Mitchell Greco, Director/Choreographer

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