MacGyver: The Musical

So you want to be MacGyver?

We need you for an upcoming performance of the brand new theatrical experience MacGyver: The Musical. Each performance, four lucky audience members will get the chance to audition to play the role of MacGyver on stage! That’s right—this is your chance to be the star of Houston’s next biggest hit. So what does being MacGyver entail?

The Performance: Get ready to be thrown into the midst of East Berlin in 1989. If you’re chosen as MacGyver, you’ll be on stage for all two hours of the show. It’s a big job, but it’s a blast. There’s no need to memorize any lines: we’ll have someone on stage holding up cue cards for you to read. Worried about what to wear? Don’t worry. We’ve got a perfect leather jacket that’s just your size that you’ll throw on for the performance.

The Audition: You’ll need to show up at least 30 minutes before showtime to handle some safety protocols (more on that below), and you have to be one of the first 4 audience members to sign up for the audition that evening. The show starts in the lobby with the audition, where you’ll be joined by three other MacGyver hopefuls. You'll read a few lines from the cue cards and show off your dance moves. After that, it’s up to the crowd! We’ll turn it over to the audience to pick their MacGyver.

Safety: To be our MacGyver, you’ll need to be able to show your completed Covid-19 vaccination status plus proof of a booster shot. After that, one of our safety team members will bring you to a private space to perform a rapid Covid-19 test to make sure you can safely remove your mask for the performance. This whole process takes about 20 minutes. When you get your negative test result, you can head back out to the lobby and get ready for the fun!

To sum it up: Show up 30 minutes early with your proof of vaccination and booster, complete your rapid test at The Gordy, and get ready to be the star of MacGyver: The Musical!


Who can be MacGyver? Anyone can be MacGyver. Because there’s a MacGyver in all of us. The stage will be wheelchair accessible, and we’ll have a seat on stage if you are unable to stand for longer periods of time. Additionally, our MacGyver will need to be able to read the cue cards and hear the beat of the music. We’ve done everything we can to ensure that any audience member who can meet our safety criteria has their shot at being a star for a night!

How long is the show? It’s about two hours total, plus one intermission. If you’re MacGyver, you’ll need to be on stage the whole time. However, we won’t release your seat in the theater, so your party’s seating configuration will not be disturbed.

How much singing and dancing does MacGyver do? You won’t be expected to sing at all, but get ready to move–we’ll teach you all the motions you’ll need to know, and they’ll be accessible for all body types!

Can my friends and family take pictures and videos of me being in the show? Unfortunately, we cannot allow photo or video recordings during the show, but we’ll give you lots of opportunities to snap some photos on stage! We’ll let you know when it’s okay to take out your camera and capture the moment, but until then, we’ll ask that you keep your phone away and on silent mode during the performance.