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Artist O’ the Week: Christina Edwards Wells

by Stages Repertory Theatre on December 07, 2016

The newest Honky Tonk Angel, Christina Edwards Wells (Charilee Chess), fills us in on everything that makes her tick!

Full given name:  Christina Frances Edwards Wells
Hometown: Pasadena, Texas
Zodiac sign: Sagitarius - December baby
Audition song: "His Eye is On the Sparrow"
Special skills: I speak Spanish, I type over 80 words per minute and I can restart your heart if it stops beating.
First Broadway show ever saw: I won tickets on 99.1 FM when i was 16 years old and I went to see South Pacific right here in Houston. The most amazing memory because I didn't feel like an audience member... the entire time I kept thinking " I need to do this".
Favorite show tune: "I'm the Greatest Star" from Funny Girl
Most played song on your iPod: All the music from Honky Tonk!!
One CD you couldn't live without: The soundtrack to the The Bodyguard #longlivewhitney
Last book you read: Rapid Interpretation for EKG's
Must-see TV show: Friends!!!
Last good movie you saw: The Danish Girl
Favorite board game: I have never been into board games
Performer you would drop everything to go see: All my favs have died - Donna Summer, Whitney Houston, Selena
Pop culture guilty pleasure: I love teeny bopper music. If it is popular on Disney Channel then I am singing along with all the 13 year old girls. I love Justin Beiber
First stage kiss: I have never kissed someone on stage.
Favorite pre-/post-show meal: McDonald's Big Mac after the show!! 
Worst flubbed line/missed cue/onstage mishap: I was 17 years old and I was singing Hero by Mariah Carey and I just forgot the words so I started but the best part was that once I remembered the lyrics the audience gave me a standing ovation.
Worst costume ever: I have been really blessed to not have had any really bad costumes. Being plus sized means that the costume designer has to approach me with a very specific plan in mind and so I always seem to get some pretty snazzy looks.
Cats or dogs? Both. Just minus the pet hair
Favorite cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Who would play you in the movie? Queen Latifah
Worst job you ever had: I used to work in a psych facility next to a jail and a patient threw a chair at me.
Favorite moment in Holiday Spectacular? When Darlene and Sue Ellen come back in their blue dresses to sing "What a Wonderful World" with Charilee. I actually cried the first time we rehearsed it full out. The love shared in that moment does not have to be is very real.
How similar are you to Charliee? Very similar. She is loud, she laughs alot and she is a mamma to everyone she knows. She paints her nails all the time and she loves to sing. She and I would be great friends and we would share nail polish.
What was your first Stages memory? The day I came to audition for Honky Tonk I was waiting in the lobby when The Marvelous Wonderettes were exiting the stage and they walked past me. Chelsea Ryan McCurdy grabbed my hand and said my name. Best first moment ever in a theater.


Photo: Christina Edward Wells in The Honky Tonk Angles Holiday Spectacular. Photo by Jon Shapley.