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And the winner is…

by Stages Repertory Theatre on August 28, 2015

And the winner is... Us!

We are honored by all the recognition we received as part of the recent Houston Press Theatre Awards. Congratulations to all Houston artists - our city is better for having you!

From Artistic Director Kenn McLaughlin:

"I am deeply humbled by the kind words offered in honor of the work of Stages Theatre from the editorial board of the Houston Press. I am very proud of the artists that work at Stages and I am very blessed to share with them the promise that we can, and will, impact our world. I am honored that our work this past season moved the Press staff in such a way as to award the theatre remarkable accolades."

Best Season - 2014-15

Best Artistic Director - Kenn McLaughlin

Best Play - Stupid Fucking Bird

Best Director - Leslie Swackhamer, Marie Antoinette

Best Supporting Actor - Joseph Palmore, Stupid Fucking Bird

Best Supporting Actress - Elizabeth Townsend, Stupid Fucking Bird

Best Costume Design - Barry Doss, Marie Antoinette

Best Set Design - Ryan McGettigan, Marie Antoinette

Best Sound Design - Matt Crawford, The Spiritualist

Best Choreography for a Musical - Kristin Warren, Mack and Mabel

Best Trooper - Tasha Gorel, Bad Jews


The most important person at Stages

by Stages Repertory Theatre on December 02, 2013


(Hint: It's you.)

Each season, Stages hires an extraordinary team of artists and collaborators to bring our productions to life. When all is said and done, Stages offers 1,285 work weeks to professional artists in the Houston area—a remarkable number! But it takes only ONE person to make a difference in the life of Stages, and that person is you. We’re dedicated to creating art of the highest caliber while offering a wide a range of price options and community programs, and ticket sales are only part of the way we do that. We rely on the generosity of supporters like you to sustain our artistic commitment to truly great theatre. YOU make all the difference!

Stages SuperStar: Hannah Watson

by Stages Repertory Theatre on October 03, 2012

Here's Hannah with her bestie Nick!This week's Stages SuperStar is Hannah Watson, a production intern from Lorain County Community College who's with us for the entire season!

Stages: Why did you want to venture out Houston-way to be an intern at Stages for the season?

Hannah: I had dinner with one of the previous interns towards the beginning of the last school year and she was telling my friend, Rachel, and I about how great the internship was for her. I thought it sounded like a really great experience. Then after taking Techniques of Acting at LCCX, my teacher, Cat Kenney, recommended Rachel and I for the internship. I started to look more into it and decided that I really wanted to come down here and do it if you'd have me. And so here I am!

What are you enjoying about the experience (and the city) so far?

Hannah: So far I'm enjoying everything about the experience. I'm already learning so much about all the different technical aspects of theatre, it's awesome. I also really love everyone I work with. read on...

Stages SuperStar: Katie Krause

by Stages Repertory Theatre on September 26, 2012

We love introducing you to all our uber-talented artists in our Artist o' the Week features. But, as is always true with the best kind of stories, there's a lot more going on at Stages than what you might notice at first glance. We've got incredible board members working tirelessly to support us, an amazing host of generous sponsors and donors, a team of equally generous volunteers, an accomplished permanent staff keeping the magic happening year-round, a rotating crew of enthusiastic interns, lots of fabulous vendors and community partners, and, most of all, the best patrons on planet. It takes ALL of those folks to keep Stages alive and growing. That's more than a village - that's a booming metropolis of passion, talent and commitment!

We want to celebrate the whole huge Stages family, so we're adding a new kind of feature to the mix - Stages SuperStars! And our very first superstar is the fantastic Katie Krause, who spent some time at Stages as an education intern before read on...