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From the Artistic Director: Subscribe Now for 2017-2018

by Mandi Hunsicker-Sallee on April 11, 2017


Mission Date: 2017-2018.

My favorite movie as a small child was a sci-fi wonder called Fantastic Voyage.  In the film, a team of scientists in a submarine-like vessel are shrunk and then injected into the bloodstream of a dying diplomat. Their mission: to eradicate a hideous virus that threatens the man’s life, and by extension, all life on the planet! Along the way they encounter any number of spectacular adventures, including a stunning sequence where they travel through the man’s heart. I must have seen this film 30 times, returning to the theatre over and over again with my brothers. I look back now and I realize the film contains everything I adore in storytelling: suspense, imagination, intelligence, history and a bold eye on the future. And some big surprises, too!

In fact, surprise is my favorite element of storytelling, and I promise that the shows in our 2017-2018 Season will offer many a surprising moment!  Channeling the spirit of adventure that has inspired read on...

YAC is back for 2017!

by Stages Repertory Theatre on April 05, 2017

Full Throttle Professional Theatre Training
The Young Actors Conservatory (YAC) is a unique summer intensive that offers conservatory-style training for Houston-area middle and high school students. Led by recognized theatre professionals, YAC master classes encourage participants to explore every facet of dramatic production.

Using a total immersion method, students develop scripts; create costumes, sets and props; design lights and sound; learn movement and voice techniques; and rehearse and perform roles. Building on what they’ve learned, students focus on a central theme to conceptualize, write, design and perform an original theatre piece, combining the students’ own material with texts taken from the work of well-known writers. The program culminates in a fully realized production of this work at Stages Repertory Theatre. Mark your calendars now and plan on joining us to see all of our talented conservatory participants for FREE!

Mondays through Fridays, read on...

From our friends at Brazos Towers

by Stages Repertory Theatre on March 16, 2017


Change is difficult for all of us and major transitions in life are never easy.  We find they are usually filled with stress, anxiety and, of course, some fear of the unknown.  They do, however, become a bit easier when the transition is a path we have chosen for ourselves, instead of having it thrust upon us unexpectedly by outside influences.  That is how the story of Elaine Adams and Steve Carroll begins. 

In 2013 Elaine and Steve, along with their respective spouses, had signed up for future residency in the new expansion of Brazos Towers at Bayou Manor, where Houston’s savvy seniors move when they seek to turn their retirement into their own “re-inspire-ment”.  Their individual goals for the future were the same.  Move with their spouses to a community they chose together, while they were still young enough to enjoy the vibrant lifestyle available to them, to a place where they could be comfortable for many years to come.  They would also have read on...

From The Artistic Director: “Who Am I This Time?”

by Kenn McLaughlin on February 02, 2017

I first read Who Am I This Time? (& Other Conundrums of Love) in March of 2015, the day after Stages’ production of Aaron Posner’s play Stupid F**king Bird closed. I was driving Aaron to the airport, during which time he literally sent me the script for Who Am I? from his phone. I read it that afternoon on my kindle - I too on a plane going somewhere. What struck me powerfully in that moment was the fascinating juxtaposition of the two plays, which were written back-to-back. Bird is a powerful, angry play about the failures of theatre to impact the world, and Who Am I? is a sweet love letter to the theatre and its magical power to move us deeply - sometimes in ways we can't understand. Taken as a set, the plays are exact opposites of each other - a mirror of a mirror if you will. I loved Who Am I? immediately and I wanted to produce it right away, but by that time the season for last year was set so it took until now to bring it to life.

It is important to note that two years have read on...

From the Director: Sally Edmundson on “Who Am I This Time? (& Other Conundrums of Love)

by Stages Repertory Theatre on January 26, 2017

Conundrum— that’s quite a mouthful! Merriam-Webster defines it as, “a seemingly unanswerable question,” while the OED adds, “a paradoxical, insoluble and enigmatic problem.” Our Narrator will soon tell you, “Our subject tonight…is love.” What better word then, to describe our topic? Not only does it describe the dilemma of defining the indescribable magic of “love,” but it captures perfectly the more perplexing
dilemma of our story, which deals with finding the balance between our expectations of love while remaining open to the unexpected.

Although love takes many forms, we’ll be focusing predominantly on romantic love. Aaron Posner, the playwright, has cleverly crafted his play, interweaving three short stories by Kurt Vonnegut, which explore different stages of love, starting with the first blush of love, followed by its breathless lusty aspects and ending with the mature love of a long-term marriage. Vonnegut wrote, “I read once that the ancient Egyptians had fifty words read on...

Get Talking in 2017

by Stages Repertory Theatre on January 06, 2017

Something to Talk About

For a limited time, Stages once again offers the "Get Talking" series:

A series of 3 fascinating new plays that are sure to wake you up, shake you up and get you talking!

Showcasing some of today's most exciting playwrights - distinctive new voice Elizabeth Irwin, award-winning Rebecca Gilman and rising star Jethro Compton - the plays in our Get Talking series open up a world of possibilities for conversation and consideration and give you a taste of what's happening at the forefront of American Theatre. These are shows to debate with friends, so round up a lively group and get talking!

3-PLAY Get Talking Package* - $60

For a limited time only, you can get tickets for our full "Get Talking" series (includes My Mañana Comes and Luna Gale and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance) for just $60! This is a great deal - you save up to 49% off single ticket prices!


*Good for standard and economy seats and cannot be combined with other offers. Offer expires February 28, 2017.


Artist O’ the Week: Christina Edwards Wells

by Stages Repertory Theatre on December 07, 2016

The newest Honky Tonk Angel, Christina Edwards Wells (Charilee Chess), fills us in on everything that makes her tick!

Full given name:  Christina Frances Edwards Wells
Hometown: Pasadena, Texas
Zodiac sign: Sagitarius - December baby
Audition song: "His Eye is On the Sparrow"
Special skills: I speak Spanish, I type over 80 words per minute and I can restart your heart if it stops beating.
First Broadway show ever saw: I won tickets on 99.1 FM when i was 16 years old and I went to see South Pacific right here in Houston. The most amazing memory because I didn't feel like an audience member... the entire time I kept thinking " I need to do this".
Favorite show tune: "I'm the Greatest Star" from Funny Girl
Most played song on your iPod: All the music from Honky Tonk!!
One CD you couldn't live without: The soundtrack to the The Bodyguard #longlivewhitney
Last book you read: Rapid Interpretation for EKG's
Must-see TV show: Friends!!!
Last good movie you saw: The Danish read on...

Giving Tuesday: You make it possible

by Stages Repertory Theatre on November 28, 2016

Over the past year, with the leadership of the Board of Directors, Stages has begun implementation of a visionary new plan that seeks to make critical investments in Houston's theatre community creating a more robust ecosystem for artists and audiences to thrive. Staging our Future will transform our community and invigorate Stages' mission of advancing theatre and enlivening community to make a more vibrant Houston. Philanthropic support from individuals like you and Houston's generous foundation and corporate community makes this possible!

As we enter the holiday season, a time of giving, please consider pledging your support to Stages’ Giving Tuesday campaign. Tuesday, November 29, is Giving Tuesday, a National Day of Giving that follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday. After a tremendously successful Giving Tuesday last year, Stages is launching a campaign this year to raise $10,000 in support of the regional premiere production of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, opening in read on...